Meet our WBU Florissant Team..

Cheryl, Sales Associate

Cheryl has been with Wild Birds Unlimited of Florissant since 2007!  She loves her backyard birds and they love her and all her Wild Birds Unlimited feeders and foods.  She has a male cardinal that greets her in song at the driveway when she gets home from work.... they always meet up in the backyard where she will give him a special treat of our No-Mess Plus Blend.  Cheryl is married with two adult children, two grand-dogs and a grand-kitty.

Linda, Sales Associate

Feeding the birds and wildlife in her own backyard brought her so much joy, that Linda joined the Wild Birds Unlimited of Florissant team in 2013.  Her favorite birds are American Goldfinches, Cardinals, Chickadees, Titmice, House Finches, Woodpeckers, Juncos, Ruby-throated Hummingbird and the migrating Rose-breasted Grosbeaks.  In their spare time, Linda and her husband enjoy bicycling on the Katy Trail.

Megan, Sales Associate

Megan, a native St. Louisan, had her love for birds instilled by her mother.  They always fed the birds as she was growing up while living in Be-Nor.  Although her favorite song bird is the Carolina Wren, she has always been fascinated by the Kookaburras at the Saint Louis Zoo.


Frank, Pet Food Specialist and Official Pet Food Taster

Frank is a fawn & white Boston Terrier and he loves coming into work with his Momma. He is currently working on his Certified Bird Feeding Specialist Certificate, but just can't seem get past the Squirrel Deterrent chapter. His favorite past time is chasing his ball around the store... and the house... and the dog park. Frank loves to give kisses to anyone not sporting a hat or a beard (we don't know why this freaks him out). Be forewarned, if he runs up to you, watch your feet because sometimes he gets so happy when he sees people the happiness just leaks out! 

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Angela & Peter McDonnell, Owners

Angela is a native of the Florissant area. Peter, originally from Connecticut, comes from the Insurance business, specifically ReInsurance which had him living is Los Angeles, Dallas and Hartford prior to landing him in St. Louis. Angela's earlier careers were in the Arts and also Design and then more recently at a local farm and greenhouse where she spent seven years playing in the dirt. When Peter retired early they decided to do something that brought them much JOY... a business in Backyard Bird Feeding! So, Angela and Peter bought Wild Birds Unlimited of Florissant in August 2016. They love that their Florissant store is located minutes away from the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers and enjoy going to the Riverlands... especially in the winter when it is inundated with Bald Eagles, Snow Geese and Trumpeter Swans as they journey the Mississippi flyway.