Who is this Frank?

Hi!  I'm Frank!  I'm a funny Boston Terrier since I'm fawn & white, instead of the traditional black & white.  I was born at a small, private, home kennel located in Kane, Illinois.  I love coming into work with my mommy, especially since I get to see lots of customers and get lots of treats!  I am working on my Certified Bird Feeding Specialist Certificate but I just can't seem get past the Squirrel Deterrent chapter.  My favorite past time is chasing my ball... if you sit down in my presence, you WILL throw the ball for me - I will give you the ball and if you don't throw it, I will gurgle-growl until you do!  I turn three years old this coming October, and yes, we will be celebrating at the store, so stay tuned!  I’m always at the store for our First Saturday Double Points Day and various other days... so make sure you say “Hi” and I will bestow you with a wet kiss!